W0CHP's Git Repositories

This is my personal set of Git repositories, self-hosted on servers in my home "data center." I spent the last 20-something years making a handsome living in the IT industry (now-retired), by contributing to, supporting, evangelizing and architecting myriad Open Source and Free Software solutions. It is no secret that I abhor anything closed/proprietary, especially as it relates to ANYTHING Microsoft ("MS"). I've never even owned or personally used any MS product. Hence, why I self-host my git repos on my own systems with 100% open source solutions (GitHub was purchased by Microsoft in 2018, and then I very promptly moved all my public repos here.).

Again, these are my personal git/code repositories. This means:

  • These are made public for your own usage/hacking/enjoyment.
  • They are not supported. Figure it out yourself. Ask for support, and I will ignore you. I have very limited time as it is, and I will not spend the precious time I have supporting my personal code.
  • I don't accept bug reports, pull requests, and the like.
  • Repos can come and go at any time
  • Don't ask for user accounts/SSH/write access; the repos made public here are read-only, and they will remain that way.
  • If you'd like to improve any of the code here, I DO welcome it, on your own forked repo. I simply don't have time for pull/merge requests, fielding and auditing patches, etc..

With all of that said, head over to the repos if you're so inclined...